• We invest in high-growth, revenue-generating, early-stage companies led by amazing founders


    And then we do everything we can to stack the deck in their favor.

  • What We Do


    Forefront Venture Partners is one of the largest and most successful AngelList syndicates. Our robust deal flow, combined with intense due diligence and selective vetting, enable us to build a portfolio that includes many notable, high-growth start-ups. We provide our backers with an unparalleled level of information and transparency about every deal.


    In short, we ask a lot of questions and do a ton of research. To see our detailed investment criteria, click here.

  • Our 'Why'

    We are passionate about early-stage investing and are dedicated to helping angel investors build a diversified portfolio of promising, high-growth startups.


    By providing comprehensive information about each company we invest in, including webinars by the founders and transparency about their businesses, we enable you to make an informed and educated decision about each investment.


    We also work closely with our portfolio companies to provide you with regular, ongoing reporting after investing.


    We take pride in being the most investor-friendly syndicate on AngelList.

  • Value-Add

    When we make an investment in a company, we do everything we can to stack the deck in their favor.


    We offer advice and guidance, make strategic introductions, connect portfolio companies with prospective partners and preferred vendors, assist with future fundraising, and drive significant evangelism through our extensive network of syndicate investors.

  • The Syndicate


    All of our investments are syndicated via AngelList. What does that mean? It means that accredited investors can invest alongside us on the same terms, for as little as $1,000 per deal. There's no commitment — you can opt in or opt out of investing on a deal-by-deal basis. To get started and apply to join the syndicate, head over to our syndicate page on AngelList.